The hourly rate is £32.00 an hour. If you prepay ten hours then the cost is £300*

I often have special offers around Christmas time as driving lessons make great presents. Gift vouchers are always available for parents and grandparents.

I am a registered Instructor for Passplus so take advantage of this great safety scheme which I offer at rate of £220.00.  This course includes motorway driving, all weather advice and much more, as well as saving you a great deal of money on insurance for your car.

For your convenience Round the Bend accepts cash or bank transfer. Refresher courses are available for full licence holders who may not have driven for a while or for International Licence Holders just ring 01442 381549 or 079887 42385 for further details.

* Terms and Conditions apply

*Lessons are calculated at £32 per hour 
 when requesting refunds after prepaying 
 ten hours.